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We share a vision and we work for reality

We offer to architects and contractors design solutions and outstanding value. Working with us you can achieve your vision without compromising. We think that: when designing complex three dimensional shapes and geometries, structural engineering has to be a creative contribution to the design process, so that a full integration and coordination of aesthetic and physical aspects can be achieved. This relies completely on the development of engineering concepts that understand and facilitate the design, and at the same time close collaboration with the architect, manufacturer and other design disciplines.

Key competences

Start Ingegneria is an Engineering Company active in the field of structural engineering with particular attention to the design, assesment, repair and rehabilitation of concrete, steel and glulam structures.
Established in 2016 through the dedication of the founders as the natural prosecution of their professional and research activity, is  based in Rome. The main features of the company are: international profile, strong skills in complex structural problem solving, deep knowledge of the building process, innovative solutions, applied research and professional updating.

The company has been awarded important contracts since the beginning; mainly for structural design for architectural private and public works. The link between the company the scientific research and the construction industry provides a continuous growth in the knowledge to search for solutions to be used as the enterprise know-how.

Start Ingegneria
Via di Sant'Anselmo 34, 00153 Rome (Italy)

T. +39 0670492532